LIDA is a Research Unit oriented towards the professional practices and the experimental development of knowledge and design processes and artistic practices, in an interdisciplinary perspective. Is located at the School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (ESAD.CR), with access to state of the art equipment and workshop and laboratory spaces. Its mission is to develop artistic, scientific and technological research activities, experimental development and knowledge transfer in the areas of design and the arts, including artistic and cultural studies in its practical aspects, heritage studies and the cities, and its theoretical expressions, and cultural, social and ecological impact.

mission and strategical objectives

LIDA is a research unit with the mission to develop artistic, scientific and technological research activities, through experimental development and knowledge transfer in the areas of design and the arts. The vision of LIDA is to be a benchmark in the creation, advancement and transfer of knowledge in the form of innovative products, services and processes to international standards.
LIDA is an applied research and development unit whose members and collaborators possess a highly specialized multidisciplinary skillset in the areas of arts, design and heritage and urban studies.

1 – Promote the application of new knowledge into innovation impacting products

2 – Promote the dissemination of practical, experimental, or theoretical knowledge

3 – Promote technical, professional, and cultural preparation of professionals in order to tackle new societal challenges

4 – Promote the creation and participation of LIDA researchers in international networks


The ceramic, heritage and sustainable product design project focuses, first, gather and give  consistency to a set of information dispersed and available in the following areas: material, environmental, social, economic and culturalhistorical, to enhance sustainable solutions in the ceramic industry; and then consolidating and disseminating this knowledge, promote innovation, creating resources to support teaching, research and development of sustainable ceramics products.

DEGREN - Centro Transfronterizo de Innovación Empresarial en Ecodiseño en la EUROACE

The objective of the DEGREN project is the creation of a Cross-Border Ecodesign Center in the EUROACE region (Alentejo, Center and Extremadura). This Ecodesign Center aims to create and promote the development of ideas, research and projects, as well as to foster innovation in several strategic sectors of the EUROACE area and promote the generation of new business models based on Ecodesign and the Circular Economy.

Homegreens aims to build small eco- designed aquaponic systems that can be placed in personal homes, schools, hospitals or similar places, and serve as pioneer systems to allow consumers and  stakeholders (present and future) to allow them to observe biology working in a sustainable and economically viable way.

TeenPower is a transdisciplinary research-action project based on practice, with the aim to develop innovative interventions to promote healthy behaviors. It was developed as part of a territorial need identified and discussed with local stakeholders (health professionals and school community) regarding the lack of an integrated, creative and dynamic strategy to prevent obesity and promote healthy behaviors in adolescents.

Help2Care - Help to care for dependent person and caregivers

Help2care aims at developing a model of empowerment of caregivers and the dependent person for self-care and also to enable health professionals to use it. This model will include a handbook to support the caregiver (paper, audio and digital format) with accessible text and images, digital platform (website and app) and a handbook (script) with the caregivers/dependent person training model to be used by the health professionals.

The project aims to aware children for the difference in human being. The research and creation of accessible ludic pedagogical products, to be used in primary classroom, will allow to increase knowledge about disability, which may promote social inclusion between children. The consortium will promote significant learning to ALL. By working together it will be possible to produce accessible ludic-pedagogical products; test these products in real contexts through the supervised internships and finally, to offer them to Leiria’s School Groups in an official event organized by Leiria City Council.


Our Team

LIDA has 31 members, 27 of whom are integrated, of which 18 have a PhD.

The scientific areas of the 27 LIDA integrated members are distributed between Design, Arts, Cultural Studies and Heritage Art and Urban Studies. The main areas are Design (Communication, Product, Industrial and Glass and Ceramics Design, 13 members) and Arts (Visual arts, Animation, Digital Arts, 11 members), member areas that are interdisciplinary with design and arts are: cultural and artistic studies, heritage art and the city studies and sound and physics.


 Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha do Instituto Politécnico de Leiria – ESAD.CR.

Rua Isidoro Inácio Alves de Carvalho
2500-321 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
Phone number: 262 830900